Requirement Masterclass

How to Start a Career in Business Analysis, Without Technical Knowledge or Experience using Zero-Tech Business Analysis Model?

If you are struggling in your current career, with no promotions or hikes, its time to restart your career afresh. Business Analysis will give you a head-start in IT and you don't need technical knowledge for this.

This workshop will also provide a career migration roadmap for professionals who wish to start a career in Business Analysis.

Date : 11 March 2022
Time : 8 pm-9:30 pm IST

Do you find it incredibly difficult to understand software requirements?

  • Do you feel nervous or anxious during requirement gathering meetings?
  • Are you confused what questions you should ask your customer?
  • Are you confused after watching videos on requirements? 
  • Are you confused with so many requirement gathering techniques?
  • Is your technical team complaining about missing requirements? 
  • Are you wondering which tools can help you prevent requirement gaps? 
  • Are you confused which techniques can be used?
  • Are you tired chasing your customer for requirements signoff?

 You can manage software requirements (like a pro) - even if you have no prior experience in business analysis or IT.

Join this "first of its kind" LIVE masterclass designed to launch and transform your BA career in just 2 hours!

What you will learn?

Secret #1
Career Migration Roadmap
How to move from your current role into a Business Analyst role in 21 days?

Secret #2
Requirement Gathering
How to gather software requirements using REB formula in a quick and easy way?

Secret #3
Business Analyst Career Growth
How to expediate your career growth as a Business Analyst ?

Who am I?


Hi, I am Sajana Binil, Founder of Business Analysis Hub - the fastest growing community of business analysts.

My journey in business analysis started in 2004, when I moved from a content writer's role to a business analyst role. With no prior knowledge or experience in business analysis, I struggled a lot to understand the intricacies of software requirements. The real breakthrough came when I devised a formula which helped me gather software requirements in a quick and easy way. This formula helped us meet our timelines, greatly improved our product quality; there were no more project escalations and enabled me to sleep stress-free in the nights!

When I started coaching the next generation of business analysts, I realized that even now the struggle is the same for business analysts. I was even more shocked to find out 70% of professionals who approached me for help had already paid for super-expensive business analysis training; only to get theoretical knowledge with zero implementation knowledge.

"Requirements is like a beast in the project which is difficult to tame, but not impossible". That's why I started "Requirements Domination Challenge"

I am on a mission to help improve business analysis work across the globe and help at least 1 million professionals build successful and rewarding careers in business analysis.

If you resonate with this mission, then I would like to personally invite you to my next live masterclass, where I will decode my "Requirements Blueprint" a system that's helping over 10,000+ professionals worldwide.

Don't just take my word for it. Here is what others are saying...

How Does it Work?

Step 1 : You join a private Whatsapp group

(Link to join will be shared in the Thank you Page, once you register. Click on the "Join group" button)

Step 3 : I will show you how to capture requirements using REB Model

(LIVE in front of your eyes. NO Theory, Practicals)

Step 2 : You attend the 2 hour LIVE workshop

(Link to join the workshop will be shared inside the Whatsapp group)

Step 4 : You enroll for 21 day Requirement Domination challenge (only if you wish to)

(Link to join our 21 day Requirement Domination Challenge will be shared in the LIVE workshop)

Date : 24 February 2022
Time : 8 pm- 9:30 pm IST

Akshit Mistry
Business Analyst

Sajana Binil is an amazing trainer with immense knowledge about BA and Agile, Scrum. The way she deliver class with full energy and gives real life examples so that it helps student to understand in depths. She is very friendly and generous. I am blessed that I got a mentor like her.

Rashmi Varghese
Module Lead

I had the privilege of attending one of Sajana's Business Analysis workshop. She is an outstanding trainer with rich experience in BA. She is knowledgeable with strong conceptual clarity and a good communicator. I strongly recommend her sessions.  

Bhakti Sanke 
Business Analyst

Sajana has immense knowledge in business analysis and a natural ability to share her expertise in a pleasant and comprehensible manner.  Along with training she taught me, how to grow as a BA. Thank You Sajana for your guidance and support